noticeme - an IRC highlight dispatcher for soju

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noticeme is an automated IRC client, designed to run a command when your nick is highlighted.

It requires the bouncer to support the soju.im/bouncer-networks network extension. This extension is only supported by Soju from what I know.

The IRC client library used comes from senpai (hence the name).


$ git clone https://git.sixfoisneuf.fr/noticeme
$ cd noticeme
$ go build ./cmd/noticeme


You can edit the provided config.toml.example. The fields are the following:

server = "bouncer.myown.server:6667"
username = "johndoe"
password = "hunter2"

highlights = ["johndoe", "john-doe"]
command = "/usr/local/bin/send-me-a-notification"

command will be executed whenever one of the strings in highlights appears in an IRC message. A representation of the message will be given as the first parameter.

Reporting bugs

Please report any bug you find to bugs+noticeme@sixfoisneuf.fr. I'll gladly accept patches, as long as they follow the git-send-email format.